Why MHS Aluminum Framing

1· Weight of aluminum framing building is almost 3 times less than typical steel structure and safer structure in earthquake and hurricane.
2· Exceptional ductility and absorb the impact energy by lateral loads.
3· Design flexibility, modular profile shapes.
4· Manufacturing, assemblies and erection cost of aluminum framing than steel one.
5· The impact energy spread more gradually than it is in a less ductile material like steel.
6· The ability to absorb impact loads all over the assemblies without failures.
7· Interlocking panel's assemblies in to aluminum farming without use of expensive method for sheathing which it is in the steel building.
8· Highly resisted to corrosion. There is no requirement to paint for protection from saltwater.
9· Aluminum does not burn or contribute fuel to the spread of a fire. There is some loss of strength at evaluated temperatures, where the aluminum ranks second only to steel. However use of interlocking structural panel system and noncombustible use of metal bolting connections will act as a thermal break and delay to loss of strength of the aluminum framing.
10· Aluminum frame is dimensionally stable, won't shrink, creep, rot, bow, creak, split and decay.
11· Lessened maintenance and expenses because of high corrosion resistance.
12· MHS Aluminum structure offers unique advantages to other types of conventional building technique.
13· Easier for remodeling, expansion, relocatable structure and reusable components
14· Stronger than wood and light cold form steel framing.
15· Unaffected by changes in the weather, high temperatures, humidity or cold.
16· Aluminum framing is
waste free site construction· 100% recyclable framing and
increases the framing value over the time.
Aluminum construction leads the way in protection of wood resources and help to the global warming.

Multifunctional MHS Framing



1) MHS

a multifunctional modular building system, the new way of prefab site assembly construction.
2) MHS framing provides excellent modular, prefab design flexibility, calculation and quick estimating.
3) MHS framing is built in a modern controlled environment and is precision engineered for a lifetime of aluminum structural durability.
4) MHS aluminum sections constructed as beam and post structure with SIP's panel for roofs, floors and walls. Transferring all loads to the foundation by posts instead of load bearing walls.
5) MHS Provides controlled straight assembly of walls, roofs, floors edge, details, and square corners allows doors, windows to open and close properly with no change on in future. Easy for installation of finishing products over the framing.
6) MHS framing uses typically 90% less lumber in framing with no waste and dead spaces under the roofs.
7) MHS a Toxic free home space, green construction, environmentally friendly system; 100% recyclable.
8) Standard post and beam dimensions, one aluminum section for all wall, roof and floor framing.
9) Standard Structural Insulated Panel modules for exterior, interior walls, roof and floor assemblies.
10) Easy to assemble up to tolerance of 1/8"
by unskilled worker unlike steel and wood stud construction.
11) Interlocking connections and bolting system instead of 1000's nails, drilling screws and critical welding. Less job site fabrication with simple tools that will save time and money.
12) Higher R values and thermal performance all over the building reduce costs for heating and air·conditioning.
13) Installation of utility wall and drop ceiling for electric wiring and plumbing lines. Open corners for passing cable lines between
the floors, walls even through the shear walls and diaphragms.
14) Lightweight framing, easy to handle, contributing to reduced labor costs and worker fatigue. MHS building weigh is as much as 1/2 less than conventional lumber, 10 times less than heavy steel and 20 times of concrete building, reducing total building weight and seismic loads.


15) Corrosion free· Resistant to mold, warping, and termites. Aluminum alloy is impervious to termites and insects. This provides an added health benefit from removing pesticides and toxic chemicals to treat wood.
16) Highest strength·to·weight ratio of any light building systems and almost 2 times stronger than light steel frame and timber
17) Dimensionally modular, Speed on architectural design and site assembly.
18) MHS aluminum framing can be easily designed to meet code fire rating needs. It is noncombustible; Aluminum does not burn or contribute fuel to the spread of a fire.
19) MHS doesn't expand with moisture content. Aluminum is dimensionally stable, won't shrink, creep, rot, bow, creak, split and decay.
20) MHS framing is waste free site construction· 100% recyclable framing and increase the framing value over the time.
21) MHS structures are resistant to high wind and earthquake damages.
22) Cost·effective· prefabricated parts which can result in reduced on·site labor costs and time
23) Foundation bolting system to concrete footing, no critical anchorage and bearing foundation.
24) Use of MHS structural aluminum framed SIPs panels can help conserve scarce timber resources and help to global warming issue, the wood used for manufacturing OSB comes from fast growing trees that can be planted and harvested in just a few years.
25) MHS Aluminum members are readily available through the national MHS licensee and Certified Builders.
26) Aluminum prices have been varied depend to market demand and manufacturing now. Plan is to increasing production and reduces the cost up to 2010 in the industries.
27) Code Compliance. MHS Aluminum framing is tested and analysis in according of the code standards (IBC, UBC, ASCE 7·05, Aluminum Design Manual). Its non·combustibility and high strength allow its use in buildings up to 3·story high with shear
28) MHS Aluminum Framing, Connections, Section design and Method are patented in USA and China (patent pending in other countries).
29) MHS building parts are the fire·resistant materials which is supported by fire officials and insurance companies.