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Welcome to MHS Prefab, the forefront of innovative solutions for modular Prefab homes, ADUs, and commercial structures. At MHS Building Systems, we specialize in developing building systems using MHS structural aluminum framing to deliver customized, high-quality building designs tailored to your specific needs.


MHS structural aluminum framing is a cutting-edge construction method utilizing aluminum profiles to create the framework of a building. We recognize the unique advantages of MHS aluminum members as a primary building material, including strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.


Incorporating MHS structural aluminum framing into your building design provides numerous benefits, such as ease of assembly, customization options, and reduced construction time and costs. Aluminum framing can seamlessly integrate with other building components, such as windows, doors, and insulation, to create a complete and efficient building system.


At MHS, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that MHS aluminum framing systems meet their exact specifications. Our experienced engineers and designers develop detailed plans and calculations for each project, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of the building design.


Our design team assists you in selecting the appropriate aluminum profiles and components based on your specific needs and requirements. With our expertise in modular Prefab homes, ADUs, and commercial structures, we deliver a comprehensive and customized building system that meets your unique needs.


In summary, choosing MHS for your light building project development is the smart choice. The use of MHS structural aluminum framing provides a strong and durable foundation for your residential or commercial structure while offering flexibility and design options unmatched by other building materials. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your building project.


Prefab Modules also offer a customizable modular structural solution for assembling a wide range of architectural and construction projects. They provide clients, designers, and builders with high-quality prefabricated module structures suitable for projects of any size, ranging from small ADU kits to modern three-story apartments. These prefabricated module structures can be swiftly installed at the project site in just a few days and can complete the project within weeks, all on a prepared foundation for either permanent or temporary buildings.


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MHS prefabricated technology has been granted general approval for

MHS Structural Aluminum Framing and Structural

Insulated Sandwich Panel assemblies in buildings of

Type V construction.

This approval is reflected in Research Report:

RR 25703 (CSI # 06 12 0).


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