MHS Prefab Aluminium  Framing,

Structural Panel Frame Assembly

MHS is a Patented Modular Structural Aluminum Framing Systems, Using any kind of sandwich panels, SIP panels for walls, roofs and floors. All components are prefabricated. MHS is original prefabricated design and brand new construction methodology with the lifetime durability and safety.


We are introducing the products through our Licensed Fabricators and Builders, MHS production sites in USA, China, and UAE and representative offices virtually every corner of the world. With our international network of fabrication companies, system partners and agents, as well as our outstanding service on-site.


Our engineering design offices worldwide can guarantee to provide you with the best-prefabricated housing, hybrid tall building solution and brand new MHS Green building System. Whatever the project small prefab, custom home series, mass modular housing, exhibit commercial pavilion or tall wood, aluminum building we offer a complete solutions, including all manufacturing plants design, MHS components and technical training featuring an exceptionally high standard of sustainable construction system and modular prefab components.


Take advantage of our unique system development, expertise architectural and structural design team for your modular green building solutions


MHS Building Systems 
PO Box 53662, Irvine CA 92619, USA 

 Building Code Approval 

General Building Codes Approval – MHS Structural Aluminum Framing

(LARR 25703) MHS prefabricated technology has been granted with a general approval of MHS Structural Aluminum Framing and Structural Insulated Sandwich Panel (SIP) assembly in buildings of Type V construction.


RESEARCH REPORT: RR 25703 (CSI # 06 12 0